Fife Sunday Amateur Football League

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Fixtures Update / Scores



Sund 13th June Karens Canine Summer Cup 1/4 Finals 90mins + pens

Yeoman 6-1Athletico FC Townhill 1pm S Clark

Rosyth Sundays 3-1  Fife Arms Fleet Grounds 12noon S Campbell

FC Brig 4-1 Kingdom Rovers now on Wed 16th June Savoy Park 6-45pm A Scott

Cowdenbeath Utd 1-3 Sky Violet Park 11am N Martin

Harrys Doggycare Summer Cup 1/4 Finals 90mins + pens

Kdy Thistle v Bye

Kirkland Bar 2-1 Buckhaven Utd Savoy Park 11am B McLaren

Bruce Arms 2-0  Ciswo Limekilns 11am C Pounder OFF

Bayview Thistle 7-1 Cowdenbeath Colts King George V 11am G Wilson

Teams should provisionally book their parks in case they reach the Semi-Finals

Sun 20th June Karens Canine Summer Cup Semi Finals 90 mins+pens

A/ Yeoman 3-3   3-4 pens FC Brig  Townhill 1pm G Campbell

B/ Rosyth Sun 3-1 Sky Fleet Grounds  2pm C Pounder

Harrys Doggycare Summer Cup Semi Finals 90mins+pens

A/ Kirkcaldy Thistle 5-2 Bruce Arms  Denfield 11am  TBC

B/ Kirkland Bar 4-3 Bayview Thistle Savoy Park 11am T Richmond

Sun 27th June Karens Canine Summer Cup Final 90 Mins+pens 

FC Brig 10-0 Rosyth Sundays  Violet Park 11am Ref N Martin

                                            T Richmond    Ass Refs    J Stewart

Harrys Doggycare Summer Cup Final 90 Mins+pens 

Kirkcarldy Thistle 4-4 (4-3 pens) Kirkland Bar Violet Park 1-30pm  Ref  S Clark

                                                             J Stewart Ass Refs G Campbell



Summer Cup and Challenge Cup Sections

Sunday 23rd May Group Sections Home and Away Referee

A Buckhaven United 1 - 16 Yeoman Savoy Park 11am A Scott

A Fife Arms 4 - 2 Kirkcaldy Thistle Randolph Park 11am S Campbell

B Athletico FC 1 - 1 Kirkland Bar Duloch Park 11am B McLaren

B Rosyth Sundays 5 - 2 Weavers Fleet Grounds  2pm  A Duncan Void

C Sky 4 - 3 Bruce Arms Dalgety Bay 1pm S Clark

C FC Brig 8 - 1 Cowdenbeath Colts Savoy Park 11am N Martin

D Cowdenbeath Utd 2-0 Ciswo Violet Park 11am T Richmond

D Kingdom Rovers 4 - 8 Bayview Thistle Myers Park 11am C Pounder

Wed 26th May

A Yeoman 2-0 Fife Arms Townhill 6-45pm I Wilson

A Kirkcaldy Thistle 8-2 Buckhaven United Denfield 6-45pm D Hope

B Kirkland Bar 0-0 Weavers Savoy Park 6-45pm N Martin Void

B Athletico FC 2-3 Rosyth Sundays Duloch Park 6-45pm S Clark

C FC Brig 2-0 Bruce Arms Savoy Park 6-45pm J Stewart

C Cowdenbeath Colts 0-11 Sky Violet Park 6-45pm T Richmond

D Ciswo 2-9 Kingdom Rovers Dovecot Park 6-45pm J Campbell

D Bayview Thistle 3-5 Cowdenbeath Utd King George V 6-45pm C Flucker

Sunday 30th May

A Buckhaven United 1-8 Fife Arms Savoy Park 11am G Campbell

A Kirkcaldy Thistle 0-11 Yeoman Denfield 11am S Campbell

B Athletico FC 2-0 Weavers Duloch Park 11am T Richmond Void

B Rosyth Sundays 13-2 Kirkland Bar Fleet Grounds 12 Noon J Stewart

C FC Brig 2-2 Sky  Windygates 1pm C Pounder (Reversed)

C Bruce Arms 2-1 Cowdenbeath Colts Limekilns 11am A Duncan

D Bayview Thistle 3-5 Ciswo King George V 11am J Campbell

D Cowdenbeath Utd 3-1 Kingdom Rovers Violet Park 11am G Wilson

Wed 2nd June

A Yeoman 12-0 Buckhaven United Townhill 6-45pm J Campbell

A Kirkcaldy Thistle 3-2 Fife Arms Denfield 6-45pm T Richmond

B Kirkland Bar 1-6 Athletico FC Savoy Park 6-45pm C Flucker

B Weavers v Rosyth Sundays  Beveridge Park 6-45pm G Wilson OFF

C Bruce Arms 0-2 Sky Limekilns 6-45pm I Wilson

C Cowdenbeath Colts 1-10 FC Brig Violet Park 6-45pm S Clark

D Ciswo 0-2 Cowdenbeath Utd Dovecot Park 6-45pm D Hope

D Bayview Thistle 0-5 Kingdom Rovers King George V 6-45pm J Stewart

Sunday 6th June

A Fife Arms 1-8 Yeoman Randolph Park 11am G Wilson

A Buckhaven United 3-9 Kirkcaldy Thistle Savoy Park 11am JMcCombie

B Weavers v Kirkland Bar Beveridge Park 11am A Scott OFF

B Rosyth Sundays 8-2 Athletico FC  Fleet Grounds 2pm J Campbell

C Bruce Arms 0-5 FC Brig Limekilns 11am B McLaren

C Sky 5-0 Cowdenbeath Colts Dalgety Bay 1pm A Duncan

D Kingdom Rovers 6-2 Ciswo Myers Park 11am I Wilson

D Cowdenbeath Utd 5-0 Bayview Thistle Violet Park 11am G Campbell

Wed 9th June

A Fife Arms 5-2 Buckhaven United  Randolph Park 6-45pm J Stewart

A Yeoman 2-0 Kirkcaldy Thistle Townhill 6-45pm A Scott

B Weavers v Athletico FC Beveridge Park 6-45pm D Hope OFF

B Kirkland Bar 2-4 Rosyth Sundays  Savoy Park 6-45pm J Campbell

C Sky 1-4 FC Brig Dalgety Bay 6-45pm C Flucker (Reversed)

C Cowden Colts 0-7 Bruce Arms Violet Park 6-45pm T Richmond

D Ciswo OFF Bayview Thistle Dovecot Park 6-45pm N Martin

D Kingdom Rovers OFF Cowdenbeath Utd Myers Park 6-45pm S Campbell







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