Fife Sunday Amateur Football League

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Suspension Updates



Welcome to Season 13  (Season 2019/20).

The AGM was held June 2019 in the CISWO in Glenrothes.
Leagues were drawn  

Welcome to you all and it's to be hoped you enjoy your stay with us.

Some name changes from last season: 

Limekilns are now The Bruce Arms AFC

We have lost:

 West End Bar - Steadings - Kinross Colts           



Pitch Cancellations

All Council Parks must be booked no later than Wednesday 12pm before EACH game 

Number update for checking out Council parks on a Friday pm is:
Hazel / Margaret
03451 555555 plus extension 440609 or 442252
St Andrews
08451 555555 plus extension 493305
Michael Woods Centre 01592-583305


No trialists allowed in any cup games (as per constitution)
3 trialists allowed in league games only and must sign after the 3rd game Please note that suspensions are for games completed by the team the player was signed for when he received the suspension. 

At the start of a new season players must be registered before a suspension starts or is completed from the previous season. 

No signings After 5pm on the 31st March except for an emergency goalkeeper due to injury.

If a player changes teams before a ban is complete his ban will finish when his new club has completed
the number of games he was due to have served.

If a player is suspended again before his first suspension ends the second ban will start immediately after the
first ban is complete

If a team folds After the 31st March the registered players can not play for any other team in the league for the rest of the season.

Dated Suspensions  (All Football )

Team                       Player/official          Suspension        Start Date   
Reg No 191369         Connor Crombie      5 years                 28-11-18 to  28-11-23

West End Bar             Russell Elliot           18 Months             28-11-18 to  28-05-20

West End Bar             Gary Ross                 3 years                28-11-18 to  28-11-21

Lochore Castle            Ryan Robertson        6 Months             20-08-19 to 20-02 -20

Reg No 170778           David Turner             4 Years               28-11-18 to  28-11-22

Reg No 143432           Ross Gibson             5 Years                13-06-18 to 13-06-23

Reg No   42804           Reece Donnelly         5 Years                31-08-16 to 31-08-21

Cowdenbeath Utd  U/P Lee Johnston            1 Year                 30-10-19 to 30-10-20

Debt Suspension ( All Football)

AFC Star   Michael Foy                                               Unpaid fines 2010/2011

FC Kelty   Steven Martin                                              Unpaid fines 2011/2012

McAndrews Bar  Stephen Biernat &Ian McGlashan    Unpaid fines 2011/2012

Markinch Royals Greg Jackson / Liam Fisher             Unpaid fines 2012/2013

Kinghorn Hearts  David Mills                                        Unpaid fines 2013/2014

Tams Bar            John Logie / Kirsty Page                   Unpaid fines 2014/2015

Gunners              Darren Currie / Chris Keddie             Unpaid fines  2015/2016

Rosyth AFC         Shaun Gordon                                Unpaid Fines 2015/2016

Rosyth AFC         Tim Sibbons                                     Unpaid Fines 2015/2016

Jokers                   Billy Millar                                        Unpaid Fines 2017

Templehall Tavern Alan Millar & Alan Gillies                Unpaid Fines 2017

West End Bar   Glen Fotheringham / Douglas Stewart & Derek Fraser Unpaid Fines 2018

Kinross Colts           Brian Kenny                                    Unpaid Fines 2019     

 Suspension Note

The teams committee and players are notified of all suspensions ie start date and duration it is their responsibility to monitor / check how many games the suspended players play. This suspension list is only a guide to assist all the teams involved in the league.. 


Season 2017/2018

Team                        Player / Official      Suspension    Start                                                                                                         

Unsigned Players  U/P

Alpha Utd                  G Melville                           U/P    2 Games    18/08/17                      

 Brucefield                   David  Usher       U/P                   4  Games   18/8/17 



Team              Reg No       Players Name       U/P     Suspension    Start

Dunfermline Utd   206817      Chris Brown      U/P                 1Game 18/5/18             

Lochore Castle         155805  Declan McGregor  U/P             4 Games 22/7/18 

West End Bar              U /P     Rob Cameron                          1 Game    28/9/18 

West End Bar               U/P     Scott Ross                               1 Game     5/10/18 

Steadings                     229530 Mark Veiga                            2 Games  22/3/19

Glenrothes Rovers       127809 Nathen Reaney                      1 Game   22/3/19

Dunfermline Town         U/P    Jordan Devlin                        3 Games 12/4/19  

Minto Lounge               220897 Greg o Hanlon                      2 Games 24/5/19

White Heather                    U/P   Paul Lawrie                        1 Game    6/9/19 

Cowdenbeath Utd        428179  Luke Skinner                        4 Games  6/12/19   

Torleys                          183869 Dean Rae                              1 Game 07/02/20  East of Scot

White Heather                93432  Liam Ivory                            3 Games 07/02/20

White Heather                39251 Andrew Davies                      2 Games 07/02/20

Dunfermline Town       162729 John McPhee                         2 Games 07/02/20 

Athletico FC                  27888 Calum Campbell                     1 Game  20/03/20

Athletico FC                 554554 Dave Connelly                        2 Games 20/03/20

Athletico FC                  205726 Jamie Brown                          2 Games  20/03/20

Yeoman                           91145  Gary Cumming                       1 Game   20/03/20

Ciswo                              180477 Nicholas Shearer                    3 Games  20/03/20

Torleys                              52413 Dale Burt                                 1 Game   20/03/20      


Any queries on suspensions should be addressed to Martin Whitehead